So, I know. It has been awhile and I am sorry I didn't call. Her society and myself... We had to take a little break, blame it on mercury in retrograde. 

In full transparency I was feeling a little disillusioned by all the content out there for people. I started questioning if I wanted to add more content to the mega vortex that is the modern internet. I am writing to tell you... I do! I truly believe we need more places like her. I am going to keep publishing content that explores the many experiences of intersectional womanhood. I am going to keep blabbing about the news and what place you can go to donate. Well because, it matters. It mattered to 12 year old me and it will matter to 12 years olds across the world who will have a place to see and hear from women who think, look, act and fight, like them. Granting them the choice and chance to believe in possibility. 

We at her are going to talk about the very hard parts of being a female (and a human,) wrapping it up in a pretty package and sending it straight to you, our society. You renew of faith in telling the truth.

You will notice a new and fresh look, the same introspective content and we have a few new things up our sleeve and coming soon.

So... With a fresh mind set (and retrograde). This months theme is renew.  Let it wash over you, we are.



Big kiss and see you next month.



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lindsay vancantfort