women's march. washington.


Last Saturday, a beautiful mass of women lit up across all 7 continents. The reason, THE WOMEN'S MARCH on WASHINGTON, which is said to have gathered just shy of half a million human beings. There was men and women of every creed and orientation, a wild grouping of pink beanies and scathing hand made signs under an icy January sky. There was Carol from North Caroline with her book club friends, punks rockers from NYC on my Greyhound bus and toddlers on shoulders squirming for having been standing for 6 hours.

women stand for 51% of the population, a population continually being attacked by a new "pussy grabbing" President. it made perfect sense that the first post Inauguration protest would be based around the constantly disregarded X chromosome. However the quiet whispers of what this will become? Can it see past the middle class white woman and encourage black, queer, disabled, and undocumented, could they too stand side by side and protect one another? Where would that go from here? 

The thrilling idea of the possibility of the March, still radiants a week later. Saturday was something else, it was drenched in love and decency, a reminder we can be even more beautiful together than apart. That a cruel and unkind Trump Administration will be the reason why we become better, not worst. That you are welcome here. I stand with you.  Will you stand with me?



The beautiful images above are from New York Photographer Hanna Hazel