HER: Dores Andre

Like, girl crushes are real things. Tingles in your stomach, sweaty palms, awkward giggles... and we have all those every time we see Dores Andres. She is remarkablY talented, determined and a total force. She is one of our most inspiring pals and we are just thrilled to introduce you to San Francisco ballet's finest & one of our nearest and dearest. 

HER: A bit about yourself?

D: As a kid I never thought or really wanted to be a ballerina, I liked the challenge more than anything. In a way I'd say i enjoy problem solving and learning new things more than anything. And that's why I'm a dancer, I haven't found anything else that as exciting and engaging to me.... Maybe politics.

HER: One thing you would want to change in the world these days?

D: I'd like to change what success means. If we don't all succeed, no one does. To me, success is a responsibility not an achievement.

HER: Female idol?

D: Aside from the obvious feminist leaders i have loved since high school (Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Simone de Beauvoir,) I've always had this admiration for Marlene Dietrich, and while her efforts didn't directly fight for women's rights, she took a strong fashion stand. She wore men's suits during a time it was considered scandalous and taboo. She famously said; " I dress for the image. Not for fashion, not for the public, not for men" I'm not sure if my love for suits and women's rights comes from watching Marlene in Shanghai Express too many times as a kid, but I'm positive it helped.

HER: Where do you get your new?

D: El Pais, New York Times, Le monde diplomatic.

HER: What is your favorite quality in another women?

D: Curiosity

HER: What does being a women mean to you?

D: Being able to put someone else before you.

HER: Favorite book?

D: Death with interruptions by Jose Saramago.


HER: Favorite artist?

D: Tamara de Lempicka


HER: Where do you get your strength from?

D: People

HER: You favorite curse word?

D: coño (cunt)

HER: Mantra or favorite quote?

D: I intend to live forever or die trying-Groucho Marx


"I am very much myself ."
"I am an artist "
"I am part of something bigger than me."
"I am her, this is my society."

- Dores Andre