HER: Claire Wasserman

Photograph by  Ulaş and Merve

Photograph by Ulaş and Merve

 Ladiesgetpaid is a friend of ours and a remarkable lecture series traveling the states right now. they are discussing women in the work place & closing the gender pay gap in "town hall" style lectures that are badass!  SO... we weren't surprised when we sat down with the brain child & founder of Ladiesgetpaid, Claire wasserman and we just adored her...

A bit about you?

I live on an airplane. Seriously. I’m currently going across the country, hosting town halls in 30+ cities this year. I’m on a plane every week and sometimes every day. Normally, I split my time between Maine and New York. 

I started Ladies Get Paid last summer and with over 5,000 members in almost all the states (and 45 countries!) we’ve established committees in a number of cities. They commit to producing 4-6 town halls a year. and my commitment to them is that I fly out and moderate the first one. Meeting our members in person is crucial to to build this community together. Plus, I really want those frequent flyer miles :)


One thing you would want to change in the world today?

No more fucking war. I feel so overwhelmed and helpless when I see the destruction happening in Syria and all around the world. 


Female idol? 

Oprah, all the way. Growing up, I would rush home from school every day to watch her show at 4pm. I’ve been obsessed with the way she can inspire millions of people to feel inspired and take action whether that’s bettering their world or the world around them. I’m also fascinated by the way she invented herself and her business - if I could have even just a fraction of her impact, I would die happy.


Where do you get your news?

I obsessively check the New York Times throughout the day (and now the Washington Post, their coverage really kicked ass during the election) and I watch Vice News every night. And John Oliver, of course.



What is your favorite quality in another women?

The desire to support other women. 


Your happy place?

On stage at the town hall when the energy is flowing, people are sharing, and I can see everyone nodding and going, “mmmm yes!”


What talent would you most like to have?

The discipline to work out. I really admire those people.


Photos by  Teri Weber  for LadiesgetPaid

Photos by Teri Weber for LadiesgetPaid

What does being a women mean to you?

Being a woman to me means having emotional intelligence. Our innate ability to pick up cues and read between the emotional lines is huge - I think it’s our superpower and we can absolutely use it to our advantage in business. 


Favorite book?

Does the New Yorker count? :)

Big fan of "Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success" by Adam Grant - it's a great way to rethink networking.


Where do you get your strength from?

There are a number of people in my life who understand me super well and know exactly how to bolster me up when I’m feeling low or insecure. They give me strength and I’m very grateful to them. 

Your favorite curse word?

Fuck. (Obviously.)


Favorite quote? Personal mantra?

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."     -Howard Thurman


I am energy.

I am empathetic .

I am a hustler. 

I am her, this is my society.

Claire Wasserman