Spot On

Your Cycle:
Stay in the Loop

Understanding what's up with your body has never been easier. See personalized insights on your mood, body, and actions, cycle by cycle.

Your Method:
Be the Boss

Stay on top of any method, from the pill to the ring to the shot. Get reminders to keep you on track, and tips in case you make a mistake

Your Body:
Track Your Symptoms

Record your symptoms, moods and activities and learn what affects your menstrual cycle and how your cycle affects your body.

Your Period:
Know Your Flow

Track any method that affects your period, even if you're using a method that stops your period altogether - or not using a method at all.

Why is it different?

Spot On doesn’t make any assumptions about your gender, sexual orientation, or reproductive goals. This app talks about your period and birth control the way real people do — no pink flowers or butterflies. The app is fun, playful, gender neutral, nonjudgmental, and completely supportive of you and your cycle.

source: Planned parenthood