Nourishment & Moon Magic

Moon Magic

By Maria Borghoff

Nourishment in the modern world has turned into an abstract and elusive art form. The United States has the highest global rates of obesity and diabetes, yet everyone seems to be starving. Addicted to being entertained and obsessed with instant gratification, we are a nation of hungry and impulsive children. Patriarchal traditions that define our cultural norms are only perpetuating these cycles of habitual dissatisfaction. If we want to nourish ourselves in a real, holistic, and long-lasting way, then we need to turn to our feminine side.

In most native and indigenous cultures, the Moon and the Sun represent the Feminine and Masculine energy of the earth. It’s no coincidence that our society’s daily and hourly measurements are based upon the Sun’s rotation. Likewise, it’s no coincidence that female menstruation is based upon the 28-day calendar of the Moon’s cycle. Whether we are conscious of it or not, these two planetary forces are dominating the way that we engage with ourselves and our world on a daily basis.

So how can understand, harness, and channel the energy of these two opposing forces so that we can feel nourished and not depleted? How do we engage with our Feminine side in way that sustains life and promotes peace on this planet?

Firstly, it’s important to understand why emphasizing the Feminine is so incredibly vital at this point in human and earth history. If you are unaware, women are still fighting for equality and basic human rights all over the world. At the same time, national authorities are refusing to take action in the face of the global crisis and climate change. The underlying cause of these problems is rooted in the how we seek and find nourishment, how we feed ourselves and what we provide as food for the world.

Feeling fully satiated does not rely on our ability to find and consume. Instead, true satisfaction comes from our ability to desire and transform.

The transformative nature of the Moon and Feminine energy is largely why women have historically been socially and physically oppressed. While the Sun reliably beats down every day, creating stability and structure for the flow of seasons, the Moon is far more complex and ephemeral, with a gravitational pull that is beyond measure. Just as emotions come and go like waves, the Moon’s swift changes are both visible and tangible. She carries the energy of manifestation and creative power, and despite her soft and glowing appearance, her light and wisdom penetrate even the darkest of nights.

If we want to understand unconditional love, then we must experience a variety of conditions, both good and bad. If we want to enjoy the world’s greatest pleasures, then we must appreciate the power of pain. If we want to explore our own highest potential and personal depth, then we must learn to ride the waves.

Ironically, connecting to the ever-changing phases of the Moon is one of the most powerful ways to feel centered and grounded in ourselves.

So what does this mean on a daily basis? It means that we are aware of the Moon and her feminine influences on nature. It means that we are intimately familiar with our internal landscape and energetic imbalances. It means that we actively cultivate our emotional intelligence and openly receive guidance from the creative power that comes from within us. Because the act of nourishing ourselves is something that we already know how to do. All we have to do now is listen.

Personally, I use phone apps to help me keep track of the Moon’s cycles. These are a great tool for reflection when I am looking to better understand the flow that is happening all around and inside me. My favorite is Time Passages, which lays out the Lunar Phases and describes the astrological positioning of the Moon, which changes every two and a half days.

If you want to celebrate the magical properties of the Moon, then join us on November 4-5 in Wilmington, NC for a weekend of “Full Moon Food Magic.” Workshops on Saturday will include a Yoga & Tea Ceremony and an Earth Tasting & Shibori Napkin Dying, and on Sunday we will gather for a Full Moon Feast. Click here to learn more.

Maria Borghoff, BFA, 500-RYT, is an artist, Yoga teacher, and studio director. She is inspired by integrative health and the collaborative process, and her teachings explore the intersection of creativity, healing, and sexuality. Combining philosophy and practices from Tantra Hatha Yoga, Somatic Psychology, Qi Gong, Sculpture, Drawing, and Ayurveda, Maria is offering a “Nourish: 40 Days of Wellness” starting in December and a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

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