"women with superpowers," a movement.


Tasya Van ReeNitsa Citrine are remarkable souls. The creators of "Women with Superpowers,"  a photo series and movement. This project celebrates the feminine as artist, activist, and healer and has grown to include an international community of influential and inspiring women. "Our vision is that through recognizing the multi-dimensional and extraordinary qualities within us, we can begin to embody our own influence and create shifts to benefit the whole planet." We chatted with them about all things female, favorite books and where they find strength. Follow their journey, it is remarkable. 


A bit about yourself?

T: Hello, I am a Los Angeles based Artist/Photographer, also Co-Founder of the photo series and movement dedicated to honoring the feminine as artist, activist, and healer, Women With Superpowers.  I love all things beautiful and often find myself lost in the imagination of creativity and silence. I am open-minded, curious, sincere and am always attracted to the formless aspects of life

N: I am an artist, creative director and alchemist based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally form Big Sur, I am grateful to be able to work here in the city, in this intersectional space where things that are beautiful, holistic, and helpful for human and earthly life can come together in harmony, and hopefully, in a way which supports the whole planet. 



One thing you would want to change in the world today?

T: We need to care for mother/human nature a little more.

N: Give every human being, and living creature the full, cellular experience of Love. 


Where do you get your news?

T: Everywhere. I receive a lot of information from a lot of different outlets. We are flooded on a daily basis with current affairs and world news from every direction. There is a never-ending/constant stream of data flowing through us at all times. Sometimes exhausting, but also important to know what is happening and existing in our direct surroundings on a physical level and also our extended field of being.  

N: My much more intelligent and better informed friends!


What is your favorite quality in another woman?

T: Her ability to love herself sincerely.

N: Her vulnerability (and intrinsic strength with in it).


What does being a woman mean to you?

T: I am the center of my own understanding. A complicated structure of pure emotions and a bursting embrace of interlacing forces.  I am my own supreme authority, easeful and severe. I have the privilege of knowing the power of personal freedom and live in the independence of that fortune.  I am vivid in my explorations and have an everlasting taste for the internal resonance of life’s lessons. I am pure and lucid, steady and patient. I am purposeful and human and gentle and feminine. I have a second heart, and it is my lifelong effort to share it with the world.

N:  Embodying an infinite stream of feminine and masculine energy




Favorite book?

T: The dictionary.

N: Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse


Bravest person you know?

T: Every woman.

N: My Father


What is your idea of happiness?

T: My lineage. My life experience.

N: Cooking a yummy meal at home with loved ones and enjoying every moment / bite!



Tasya Van Ree

I am yesterday.

I am today.

I am tomorrow.

I am her, this is my society.



Nitsa Citrine

I am alive

I am grateful.

I am in love with the cosmos.

I am her, this is my society.

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