chapter 6

1. James Comey hearing

James Comey's hearing was called a political Super Bowl and it lived up to the hype. The fired FBI director didn't pull any punches when he testified before the Senate intelligence committee. He went in on President Trump, repeatedly calling him a liar and accusing the President of asking him for his personal loyalty. (Trump's personal lawyer said that didn't happen.) Comey said he felt Trump was trying to direct him to drop the Michael Flynn investigation when the President said he had "I hope you can let this go." (Trump's lawyer denies that too.)

    He sounded the alarm on Russia, saying he had no doubt they interfered in our election last year and that they'll be coming back for more. And he even revealed that he was the leaker behind the media stories on the memos he took when he met with Trump. For a who is who of the Senate Intelligence Committee questioning him, reference this.

    source: cnn

    2. Iran attacks

    The capital of Iran was hit this morning with simultaneous attacks. Gunmen in Tehran went on a shooting spree in the parliament, where at least one attacker detonated a suicide bomb and others took hostages. At the same time, a woman waged a bomb-and-gun attack at the Ayatollah Khomeini mausoleum south of the city. Two people were hurt, and she's under arrest. Iranian officials are scrambling to figure out who was behind the attacks, and we're keeping up with live updates. Terrorist incidents are exceedingly rare in Iran, where tourist and government sites are tightly policed. 

    source: cnn

    3. LONDON CALLING- UK elections

    This is most definitely not what Theresa May had in mind. In yet another British election shocker, the Prime Minister and her Conservative party lost the majority in Parliament. The Conservatives won the most seats in the election, but not enough to govern without the help of minority parties. The implications of this are ginormous. May -- who called for these early, or snap, elections hoping to increase her party's majority in parliament -- will probably have to resign, after just about a year on the job. And her Brexit plans of a complete severing of ties with the European Union will now have to be revisited. For a full understanding check out this out!! 

    And for a real giggle check out her competition. 

    source: cnn + the guardian

    4. London terror attacks

    London's trying to return to some sense of normalcy after the United Kingdom suffered its third terror attack in as many months. Seven people were killed Saturday night when three men in a van deliberately ran over pedestrians on London Bridge, then jumped out of the vehicle and stabbed people at random at nearby Borough Market. The attackers were shot dead by police. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack but offered no evidence to back up the claim.

    Police have ID'd the three attackers and are expected to name them soon. Police also conducted raids and arrested 11 people. London Mayor Sadiq Khan vowed his city wouldn't be cowed by terrorism, while British Prime Minister Theresa May promised a tougher attitude to fighting homegrown extremism.

      Survivors and witnesses described scenes of horror: the van knocking people "nearly 20 feet in the air" on the bridge. One person jumped into the River Thames to escape. In a diner, terrified patrons hid in the back of a restaurant from a man who ran in with a "massive knife."

      President Donald Trump stirred controversy with his tweets after the attack. He blasted Khan's response to the attacks and renewed the call for his travel ban before offering more traditional words of support to the people of London. CNN's Chris Cillizza says the tweets show Trump is sort of the "anti-President."

      source: the week

      5. Manchester concert

      With the tragedy of the weekend London attacks looming large, singer Ariana Grande held a benefit concert in Manchester to help the victims of the terror attack that took place after her performance in the northern English city almost two weeks ago. The "One Love Manchester" concert featured an emotional Grande, along with performances by Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and others. On Friday, Grande visited some of her injured fans at a children's hospital. It was a bloody nobel and sweet thing for miss. grande to do.

      source: cnn

      Today's number ...

      34% President Donald Trump's approval rating -- a new low -- in the latest Quinnipiac poll. source: cnn

      FUN FACT

      A new law passed by Japan's Parliament on Friday will let 82-year-old Emperor Akihito abdicate, becoming the first monarch to do so in 200 years. source: NYT